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About our catch.

Date crab was caught: September 16 - 2017

Location: Bering Sea

Ship: Early Dawn

Captain:  Mark Medjo 

Captain Mark Medjo (Spokane, WA) F/V Early Dawn

About Mark.

Mark Medjo was not born into fishing like many other captains, but his Norwegian heritage and love for fishing and the outdoors led him to Alaska at the age of 18. He first began fishing for salmon until finally finding his true calling in 1990 on the F/V Juno where he began crabbing. He spent several years on F/V Juno, where he gained experience as a deck hand and eventually became deck boss and engineer. Mark immersed himself in all mechanical aspects of the vessel including, hydraulic systems, electrical boards, and generators. In 2000, Mark’s career on F/V Juno ended when the vessel was sold to Russia. Mark spent the next few years fishing on F/V Kodiak Queen and Early Dawn where he went back and forth between the salmon and crab fisheries. When F/V Kodiak Queen became part of the government run fleet reduction program, Mark began fishing primarily on F/V Early Dawn. In 2010, Mark’s hard work and natural leadership skills earned him a seat in the captain’s chair. He and former F/V Early Dawn captain, Rick Feist would share the captains seat, rotating so that each could have time off with their family. Mark lives in Spokane, WA with his wife, Keri Medjo of 14 years and 2 children. Mark met his wife in 2001 in Dutch Harbor Alaska where she worked as a fishery observer. In 2004, Mark became the full time captain of F/V Early Dawn. Mark is a hard-driving captain who will push his crew to their limits, but his loyalty and compassionate personality, keeps the same crew coming back season after season.